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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Genesis of a New Meme

All you need to know is: I am aware of all internet traditions.

Summed up nicely by John Cole at Balloon Juice:
Long story short, D at Lawyers, Guns and Money writes a “Shorter Geraldine Ferraro Neo-neocon” in which the neo-neocon post is summarized, and a troll comes along and states:
As a participant in the thread that follows the link to neoneocon, I should like to point out that the quote you excerpted

does not exist

in neoneocon’s post. Nor does it exist in the comments.
When the shorter concept is explained to him, he/she responds:
I am aware of all internet traditions and also of literary conventions in which placing something in quotes or in a blockquote means that your are quoting that person.

But here you are not.

It seems to me that what your are about is, well, sort of questionable.

Can you please expand on the idea your propose that putting something in blockquotes that does not appear at the linked item is a fair thing to do.

So when anyone asks, you just tell them, "I am aware of all internet traditions."

(Photo credit: Black Box Report)